VERBO 2017
Artists selected for the 13th edition of the Performance Art Festival, and for Videobrasil Dance Season

From December 2017, until 1st of March, 2017, Verbo received more then 220 applications from Brazilian and foreign artists that submitted their projects for the selection of the 13th edition of VERBO Performance Art Festival. In 2017, the Festival is happening in collaboration with Galpão VB from 11 to 15 of July.

The selection of projects was done by Thereza Farkas, programming director of Videobrasil, by Carolina Mendonça, theater director and choreographer based in Germany, and Marcos Gallon, artistic director of VERBO. The 3 curators were also responsible for the choice of the artist who will be commissioned for the 1st edition of "Temporada de Dança Videobrasil (Videobrasil Dance Season)" project. With an interdisciplinary format, the project intends to foster approximations between dance, performance and visual arts. After a period of research in Videobrasil collection, the selected artist will develop and present a choreographic piece at Galpão VB as part of the VERBO 2017 programme.

Artists selected for the 13th edition of VERBO:
Arnold Pasquier (Paris/Fr), Janaina Wagner (Brasil/SP), Pontogor (Brasil/SP), Célia Gondol (França/Paris), Aurore Zachayus (Brasil/SP), Alexandre D’Angeli (Brasil/SP), Jorge Luíz Lopes (Brasil/Américo Brasiliense), Luanda Casella (Bélgica/Bruxelas), Old Masters (Suíça/Genebra), Dora Smék (Brasil/SPr), Bruno Moreno (Brasil/SP), Isabella Gonçalves (Brasil/SP), Renato Sircilli (Brasil/SP), Flavia Pinheiro (Brasil/Recife), Carlos Monroy (Colômbia/Bo – Brasil/SP), Clarice Lima (Brasil/SP), Cristian Duarte (Brasil/SP), Julha Franz (Brasil/Porto Alegre), Mauro Giaconi (Argentina/BA), Young Boy Dancing Group (Suécia/Holanda), Rodrigo Andreolli (Brasil/SP), Solo Sul (Brasil/SP), Victor del Moral (México/DF).

Artists selected for Videobrasil Dance Season:
Clarissa Sacchelli (SP/Br).
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VERBO 2017
13ª edition of the Performance Art Festival / 1º edition of Videobrasil Dance Season
Date: 11 - 14 July (Galeria Vermelho), 15 of July (Galpão VB).
Galeria Vermelho, Rua Minas Gerais, 350 – Higienópolis – São Paulo – Brasil
Galpão VB, Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1150 - Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo – Brasil